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Vega Physics, LLC was founded in 2009 by Brian Thorndyke, PhD DABR. Dr Thorndyke received his PhD in theoretical molecular physics at the Quantum Theory Project in Gainesville, FL. After his father passed away from esophageal cancer, Dr Thorndyke vowed to bring his scientific training to medicine, and devote his life to the cancer treatment. He completed his postdoctorate at Stanford researching physiologic imaging (such as PET-CT) in tumor volume delineation, and methods of compensating for respiratory motion during radiation treatment. Since Stanford, Dr Thorndyke has provided physics support for multiple CyberKnife centers in Florida, New Jersey, Colorado and Montana. He has worked for Accuray, Inc as the senior physics, physician and therapist instructor. He also served as Chief Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer for a private clnic in Colorado, expanding the clinic over 7 years from a single CyberKnife machine to an expansive practice with CyberKnife, TomoTherapy, CT and MRI (including a multi-parametric diagnostic prostate program). He is currently an Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at Indiana University.

Dr Thorndyke has played a key role in the commissioning and upgrading of several CyberKnife facilities, and has personally planned over a thousand CyberKnife SRS, SBRT and IMRT treatment plans.

CyberKnife Physics Services

Vega Physics provides comprehensive commissioning, quality assurance and training.


Fixed, Iris and the new InCISE MLC collimators.

Quality Assurance

Monthly and annual QA.


Vega Physics comes to your site to provide 3-day intensive dosimetrist and therapist training.

CyberKnife Dosimetry Services

Vega Physics provides on-demand remote dosimetry.

$995 / plan

Includes the plan itself, a secondary (MU) calc, and if requested, a Special Physics Consult.

No contract required

Even if you use us just once. No initial or hidden costs. $995 / plan is comprehensive.

No forms required

We adapt to your physician preferences and clinic workflow. Whatever forms or protocols you use, we work for your convenience, not the other way around.

24-hour turnaround

Whenever possible, we provide a completed plan within 24 hours. We also work nights and weekends without additional charge.

Video Clips Featuring Dr Thorndyke



Advanced Radiation Treatments



Advanced Radiation Treatments


Radiation oncology and radiobiology

Advanced Radiation Treatments


MRI and PET scanning

Advanced Imaging for Radiation Oncology


19th Annual Mars Society

Astronaut Radiation Risks


Reviews from people who have worked with Dr Thorndyke

Dr Thorndyke embodies the rare attributes of a medical physicist who is expert both in clinical and technical matters. Vega Physics has provided dosimetry services for several of my clinics, and has never produced anything less than phenomenal treatment plans. A pleasure to work with.

Lee McNeely, MD
ANOVA Cancer Care

Dr Thorndyke is a tour-de-force within the radiation oncology community. Without a doubt, his clinical expertise ranks among the highest echelon of medical physicists.

Peter Maxim, PhD DABR
Stanford University

Dr Thorndyke has been both colleague and mentor over the years, and it is not an understatement to say his guidance in dosimetry has been invaluable. His kind demeanor puts the entire staff at ease, and his ability to patiently and thoroughly explain the nuances of difficult dosimetry concepts always shines.

Keith Lupo, CMD
Scripps Proton Therapy Center

I have worked with Dr Thorndyke through the stages of commissioning and program development for an entirely new CyberKnife center, and was extremely impressed by his unwavering focus on machine precision and dosimetric accuracy. I recommend Vega Physics wholeheartedly to anyone starting a new radiosurgery program.

Jerry McCoy, MS DABR
SunCoast Physics


   Accuray, Inc   
   Florida Radiation Oncology Group
(Jacksonville, FL)  
   OnCURE Medical Corp   
   American Board of Radiology   
   American Physical Society   
   American Association for the Advancement of Science   
   American Association of Physicists in Medicine   
   Creekside Cancer Care
(Lafayette, CO)   
   ANOVA Cancer Care
(Lone Tree, CO)   
   Frontier Cancer Center
(Billings, MT)   
   Radiation Oncology Jobs Board   
   Clinical Physics Consortium   
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